QoS Enterprises LLC. features the only totally Automatic Anodizing Line in the North East with the capability of producing both Type II, Class 1 and 2 and Type III (Hard Coat) Class 1 and 2 anodizing as well as clear or yellow chromate conversion coatings on aluminum to MIL-A-8625F and MIL-C-5541E respectively.

At QoS the anodizing and chromate conversion coating processes are automated. The computerized automation of both processes, including tank sequencing, and process parameter monitoring and control yields consistent, repeatable, quality. Our customers aluminum finishing needs can be met utilizing our standard computer programs or by manual operations for small lot jobs.

The integrity of our automated aluminum finishing processes is supported by state of the art Shop Control Software which allows us to manage all aspects of our manufacturing facility. Upon entering our facility customer orders are logged into our system and tracked through out the entire finishing process. Any customer required documentation relating to any aspect of their order can be easily provided by our system. Eddy current testing is employed to verify anodic coating build up rates.

Decades of aluminum finishing experience and general metal finishing expertise allow our staff to effectively partner with our customers in the total fulfillment of all aspects of their aluminum finishing needs. Our customers can be in the loop on everything from contact point location to finished product packaging

QoS Enterprises LLC. offers a variety of plating services designed to enhance your products’ performance. Our plating processes provide lubricity, corrosion protection, conductivity, hardness, bondability, solderability and cosmetics. These processes are ISO-9000 certified and are operated under stringent process controls with an emphasis on traceability of all processed hardware.

Anodizing is an electrochemical process producing decorative and protective finishes on aluminum parts and products. Parts to be anodized are mounted on special racks that grasp, and allow a specified amount of electrical current to reach each piece.

Aluminum parts, require the natural oxides and oils to be removed prior to Anodizing therefore, parts must undergo a pretreat, usually involving a series of mild cleaners as well as an Etch solution or a Brite dip. The Brite dip will brighten the part to a brilliant shine, as the Etch will produce a clean, satin finish.

The Anodizing at QoS takes place in a solution of Sulfuric acid, which converts the aluminum to aluminum oxide. This aluminum oxide can be produced in thicknesses from as little as .0001” up to .003” thick allowing for enhanced durability.

Following Anodizing, the parts can be dyed using a wide variety of color dyes as well as metal ion impregnation to achieve an extensive spectrum of finishes. The parts are then sealed, locking in the desired color, and producing a high quality, durable finish